World Health Organization reacts to the WOMAN Trial results

In response to the release of the WOMAN trial results, the World Health Organisation (WHO) department of reproductive health and research is working with the Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth group to fast-track the update of the existing Cochrane systematic review on the treatment of primary postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) with priority given to the use of tranexamic acid for PPH treatment.

Once completed, WHO will convene a virtual technical consultation of international experts to review the evidence, and update the existing WHO recommendation on tranexamic acid for PPH treatment as needed.

Although the existing WHO guidelines for PPH management (2012) support the use of tranexamic acid for PPH treatment, based on the results of trials in surgery and trauma, tranexamic acid is recommended as a last resort when other interventions fail to stop the bleeding. However, the WOMAN trial results strongly suggest that women should be treated as soon as possible after the diagnosis is made since early treatment is far more effective.

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