Celebrating Women in Science

Dr. Utako Okamoto made medical history when she discovered Tranexamic Acid (TXA) with her husband researcher Shosuke Okamoto


Unfortunately, Dr. Utako’s early career was not easy as medicine and medical research were profoundly male-dominated


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Utako Okamoto's Story

TXA Cofounder

This video is the story of TXA’s remarkable inventor, Utako Okamoto, and her journey, fueled by her passion to give back to humanity, whilst suffering discrimination and sexism in research science‘s male-dominated culture.

Life & Work of Dr. Okamoto

The Okamoto’s Work

Dr.Utako lived to see the 2010 beginning of the study of TXA in 20,000 women with PPH but died before its completion in 2016.

The publication of this study in 2017 confirming her original prediction as the WOMAN trial provided evidence TXA can reduce the risk of death due to PPH  by one-third. 

Women in Science

Dr Utako had created TXA with the hopes to save mothers dying after childbirth.

The WOMAN trial collaborators picked up on Dr Utako work and looked at the effect of tranexamic acid as a treatment for postpartum haemorrhage

Women are now involved in clinical trials at all levels, as senior trialists, methodologists, clinicians, managers, and as trial participants.

The trials they contribute to are an important route to transform the health and lives of women around the world. 

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