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Trauma-INTACT Results
November 27, 2020 Uncategorized admin

The Trauma Intact trial: a clinical trial investigating pharmacokinetics of intramuscular tranexamic acid (TXA) in bleeding trauma patients TXA a drug that prevents severe bleeding after injury by inhibiting blood clot breakdown, is most effective when given soon after injury. Every 15 minutes treatment delay reduces its lifesaving potential by 10%. However, currently only 3%

Nigerian Health Minister To Support the WOMAN-trial
November 18, 2020 Uncategorized admin

Nigeria’s health minister, Professor Isaac Adewale has said that deaths of women due to postpartum haemorrhage (PPH), a severe form of bleeding after childbirth, was a huge problem in Nigeria and that he will promote the use of tranexamic acid to reduce these deaths. “This drug is not new in Nigeria, but now we want