Year: 2022

Tranexamic Acid Treatment in Trauma Patients with Varying Degrees of Injury
June 30, 2022 Uncategorized Laura Carrington

Researchers from the UK and Switzerland have conducted a meta-analysis of the effect of TXA treatment on over 32,000 trauma patients. Their aim was to discover whether survival differs between severely and non-severely injured patients.

Alternative routes to intravenous tranexamic acid for postpartum haemorrhage
June 28, 2022 Uncategorized Laura Carrington

Recent research highlights ongoing trials assessing alternatives to intravenous TXA administration. Read the full article here

Injured Women Half as Likely as Men to Receive Tranexamic Acid
May 20, 2022 Uncategorized Laura Carrington

New research has found that female trauma patients are half as likely as men to receive tranexamic acid – even though the treatment is equally effective regardless of sex. This highlights the urgent need to improve equity in trauma care. Read the full article here.

Cost-effectiveness of TXA for older adults experiencing mild traumatic brain injury
May 6, 2022 Uncategorized Laura Carrington

Mild traumatic brain injury in older adults is a huge problem in the UK. Finding out if tranexamic acid improves outcomes is well worth the cost according to recent economic modelling. The CRASH-4 trial will answer this important question. Read the full article here.

Healthy volunteer trial looking at pharmacokinetics of TXA in alternate routes, shows IM TXA to be an efficient alternative to IV
January 7, 2022 Uncategorized Julio Gil Onandia

Background: In response to the World Health Organization call for research on alternative routes for tranexamic acid (TXA) administration in women with postpartum haemorrhage, we examined the pharmacokinetics of TXA after i.v., i.m., or oral administration.Methods: We conducted a randomised, open-label, crossover trial in 15 healthy volunteers who received i.v. TXA 1 g, i.m. TXA